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The Crater View

We leave from our home base in the the Spice Route Quarter heading towards the western edge of the Ramon Crater

On the way, we put the shocks to test over challenging 'steps' close to the Silent Arrow and Sukkah in the desert.

We pass through the Nana Winery's vineyards, flanked by mountains and grapes on both sides, and then on through the impressive stones of the rehabilitated old quarry.

Throughout the tour we'll stop for coffee or tea brewed from desert herbs, take photographs, breathe and wonder at the creation surrounding us.

Genesis Colors 

Experience the Crater – close up and personal! – Through all the main attractions in this magical natural wonder.

We start in the heart of the crater following the Ramon riverbed, with a colorful natural wall to one side. The sun caresses our faces as we slowly ascend a challenging climb to the summit of mount Gvanim. The sight that comes in to view when we reach the top is guaranteed to get your heart racing. After a short stop for refreshment and photographs, a brief explanation about the natural surroundings, we can change drivers before carefully navigating the track down to to Gey Zohalim , the Zohalim-, Gvanim and and Nekarot riverbeds, and then on to Ein Saharonim – a Nabattean Fortress on the Spice Route.

We then pass through Dekalim Ascent to get to the Nekarot Gap.

Wadi Ardon – A riverbed of bright red sand flanked by world renowned geological dykes and colorful rock strata. We then pass by Mount Herut on our way to Be'erot Campsite and the Oil Pipeline.

Another short stop to let the silence of the desert overwhelm and refresh our senses – this trail is a great choice for anyone who loves the great outdoors and living life to the fullest!

Crossing the crater

Sunset tours

Hot herbal tea...

on a hilltop in the middle of the desert,

above the most magical place in the world...

The sun sets and all the colors change

a memory is born

Sunset tours - the perfect way to end the day

The fine print

  • Each tour includes stops for tea/coffee where you can change drivers and hear about historic places

  • Each driver must present a valid driver's licence

  • Each driver must sign a declaration that they have understood the safety brief and a commitment to adhere to safety rules

  • This activity is suitable for children aged four years and above

  • RamonRZR carries all the necessary insurance coverage

  • The trail's route is subject to change depending on weather and other factors

  • These tours are not recommended for pregnant women, asthma sufferers or anyone with cardiac problems

  • Errors and omissions excepted

For an additional fee we can custom build a package including rappelling, Bedouin Hospitality, photography workshops, yoga, Walking tours, a local guide, Astronomy tours, horse riding, wine-tasting, multi-day tours including accommodation, camping, showers, catered meals, campfires etc

More information

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