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Common questions

If you aren't yet familiar with an RZR, (also pronounced "Razor"), or have never driven by yourself outdoors,

You might have a few questions.

We've complied a list of the most commonly asked questions,

and will be happy to answer any others you might have - and add them to our list!

Please don't hesitate to Contact Us

What is "Razor" (RZR)?

We used to call them 'buggies' and then came the 'ATV'. As technology advanced and performance improved, Polaris launched the RZR.
Our vehicles are classified as SBS - Side by Side, characterized by impressive off-road ability that does not compromise on comfort. The combination of incredible landscape and perfectly suited vehicles is a great combination for an unusual and memorable extreme driving experience

Who is the activity suitable for?

Our activities are suitable for ages 4 and up. We try to tailor the activity for every customer and to every extreme. Talk to us if you have any particular needs and we will put together the best option.

Who can drive the RZR?

Any driver with a valid driver's license. This is important! A valid driver's license must be presented before the activity begins.

Do I need insurance?

We have all the insurance required to carry out activities

What types of RZR are there?

Our company has two types of RZR

 RZR for single driver or pair.
Double RZR - 4 seats for a couple or traveling family.

Do I need special equipment?

In summer we recommend you wear comfortable clothing that protects you from the sun. In winter - comfortable and warm clothing to protect you from the wind and cold. We provide dust masks a water bottle for each participant.

What is the route tour?

We offer you a number of excursions in the area, you are invited to read in detail about our various routes on the "Tracks" page.

Do you have any other questions? Need any other information? 

We would love to talk to you!

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