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Speak? Oasis!
Food, lodging and attractions in Mitzpe Ramon and its surroundings

On this page you can find recommendations about the Mitzpe Ramon area 

From overnight parking lots to hospitality farms to cafes and pubs to cost recommendations

Found that you are missing information?

Tell us and we'll be happy to add it to the site,  

To you and those who come after you 

Accommodation and hospitality farm Mitzpe Ramon and Soub La

Noam farm in the desert

Sukkah in the desert

arrow request 

the light khan

BUS in the vineyard

Mzchit Farm

Kings dinner? 

1 (2).jpeg

The people of Mitzpe knew how to pamper you with meals of all kinds and all colors,

And of course they won't forget to celebrate with you the right to live in this world

Restaurants, cafes and entertainment in Mitzpe Ramon

Garden coffee



the end

to a woman

the knee


Ale & lager

Events in Mitzpe Ramon and the surrounding area

On this page you can find activities, events and performances in the desert area

Content is being updated 

Galleries and local art 

You came back from a pampering Razer trip, you showered, you ate, and now what else?

A little culture is always fun

On this page you will find a concentration of local art

And in art as in art there is no such thing that there is no such thing 

Treatments and alternative medicine

You have finished a trip to Razors and you want to pamper yourself

For a pampering treatment?

Calm music, caressing touch, magical atmosphere

The fun of touch

On this page you will find the list of therapists

Travel routes in the area 

We do trips all over the country,

Our raisers know every channel route and trail

But you want to walk

Get to know the desert from the feet

On this page we have compiled recommended itineraries in the area 

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